Ijeoma Agboti Obatoyinbo
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"Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for bringing our rich culture to the stage for all to see. Thanks also for the laughs and modern references which kept it fun.  Amazing. God bless you."
Mr. Emmanuel Ikazoboh
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"Osamede was wonderfully crafted to send a message of the happenings in our country. The acting was incredible and the messages properly delivered."
Honorable Sam Egube
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"Osamede was fantastic!!!! Beautiful organization and display of talent. The blend of modern tech language with classic, traditional mixes was brilliant and subtle. Well done."
Dr Doyin Salami
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"Excellent production! Very realistic conclusion...As you know happiness and hope of a new birth is the basis for this season! The triumph of the underdog in this production is a source of hope. We can fix things!!! Accept my congratulations as I look forward to future productions"
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We struggled a lot with the profile of women it portrayed. We liked the dance and choreography a lot. We loved two actors in particular - one did a great great job at building a character profile and both were very good. We cringed at the cowardice of the King. And we had a lot to speak about afterwards. Thank you for a pleasant outing...
Yewande Zacheaus
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"Very enjoyable with all the discreet life lessons intertwined…a twist on Mordecai and Esther’s story too…"
TY Bello
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"It was beautiful!!!! The Music!!!!  The world needs to see this."
Leke Alder
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I strongly recommend @osamedetheplay . Please go and see it. Playing at MUSON. It's Wakanda jams culture jams modernity jams social media. It's a beautifully produced technically proficient analogy of the dynamics of society and the needs of the people. @goldliliesng