Gold Lilies Global Services in collaboration with DeClassical Arts and Entertainment Company presents a riveting stage play which navigates the enduring themes of nationhood and social injustices, love and sacrifice and the battle for self-actualisation in a society steeped in culture and tradition.

OSAMEDE, meaning “Crowned by God” in the Benin language is a story of an orphan girl, Osamede. Raised by her Uncle, she is chosen as a bride of the ruler of the one of the largest provinces, Aguabon, during a time of great economic development, volatile political tension and severe oppression of her tribe. Facing the possibility of losing her life and further endangering her people, she risks it all, leaning to courage over fear, to change the lives of not just her community but that of generations to follow.

This intrigue filled and captivating stage play is set against a backdrop of traditions from days past with the ingenuity and advancements of the day. A masterpiece that delves into the discourse of societal issues and precepts and rouses the bold spirit against status quo.

Osamede is a declaration and a call to action for our collective service to nation building.